alanvI am a Software Developer living in Denver, Colorado with my wife and two sons. I currently work as an Account Manager for an Oracle Business Partner and Reseller. I spend my life selling Oracle Software and Services.

Previously, I was an independent Software Developer (see my work). This Blog is just my hobby.

I am very passionate about Software and Automation, and my current interests are primarily in Flex and WordPress. I also teach WordPress classes for Colorado Free University.

This is really an experiment for me.  I also own and operate a self hosted site asandbox.org.

Please also visit asandbox.org

I teach WordPress Classes in Denver, Colorado for Colorado Free University, and one of the problems that I have is that my students consistantly have their own websites and domains before they come to class. This makes them very hesitant to buy hosting for a new Blog.

Using WordPress.com as apposed to my own WordPress Self Hosted site helps me give them an alternative to purchasing a new Domain and Self Hosting their Blog.

This will also be a great experiment because WordPress.com has great built in Statistics and gives me better insight into the overall picture of WordPress. The WordPress.com Dashboard is a great tool all by itself.


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