Top 10 Passive Income Blogs


money-magnetI was interested in passive income streams and decided to do some research for myself into the top Passive Income Blogs.  If your like me then you are constantly seeing articles that have titles like;

Top 100 Blogs, Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs, Best Small Cities to Live in.

You know the kind of titles that I am talking about.  The question that I have begun to ask myself is what metrics are they using when researching this stuff?  And, do the metrics really matter.  Well, I decided to research the Top 20 Passive Income Blogs.  The metrics that I am using to determine this is very simple…  I went to Google and I typed – “Passive Income“.  Here is the list of Blogs that came up and the order in which Google displayed them.

Now I would not count each of these Blogs as a true Passive Income Blog, but each of them has an article about Passive Income that comes up in a Google Keyword search – when searching on Passive Income.  Here they are:


When I started to write this article I wanted the article to actually track the Top 40 Passive income Blogs, but it was just too much effort to take screen shots of all the sites and then resize them.  It is interesting though – what a different perspective you have of a site when you shrink it down to a thumbnail.  I do have the top 40 list and I may publish the rest at some point but not anytime soon, unless I get tons of comments asking for the data.

In the mean time I would like your feed back on which of these top 10 Passive Income Blogs are your favorite – please take the poll.
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