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I was interested in passive income streams and decided to do some research for myself into the top Passive Income Blogs.  If your like me then you are constantly seeing articles that have titles like; Top 100 Blogs, Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs, Best Small Cities to Live in. You know the kind of titles […]

This quick tutorial is 1 minute and 5 seconds long.  It demonstrates how to change a WordPress Theme.  It does not demonstrate how to upload a new theme.  I do have a video that shows how to Upload a WordPress Theme, and how to Install a WordPress theme.  For that movie click here.  In the […]

Let me first say that I was turned onto this book in a post I read on The Simple Dollar – “10 Books that changed my life”. I think we should all give credit where credit is due, see my post, “Your Blog Philosophy – Do you pay it forward?”. I guarantee if you are […]

Last week I had to take my seven year old to a public restroom.  When we were finihsed we both went to wash our hands and the paper towell dispensor would not work.  My seven year old looks at me and says, “Dad, it’s fancy (talking about the automatic paper towell dispensor) and fancy stuff […]

I love this little clip.  By the time I finished watching it the first time I was in tears.  Just goes to show that sometimes all you have to do is start and everyone else will follow.