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First of all I want to go on record as saying that I don’t believe in Time Management!
There is no such thing. Those T-shirts that say Shit Happens, should say Time Happens. Time is a constant and the clock ticks no matter what we do.

Secondly, we don’t even have control over the events in our own lives. For example, we have no control over whether the President will declare war on Iran.

If he does, we all either decide to support him or complain about him, but it does not change the fact that we go to war. We do have partial control over the events in our lives. I call it partial control because sometimes our phones ring when we don’t want them too. And sometimes sales people knock on our doors when we don’t want them too. But, we have control over whether we answer to phone or the door, thus we have partial control.

I say all of this as a lead into the new and improved art of Event Management, not Time Management. Furthermore, this article will talk about Event Management using Tag Clouds. So before I begin talking about Event Management I think it is important to explain the differences between Tag Cloud Theory and Hierarchical Theory.

Tag Clouds Theory Versus Hierarchical Theory

Here is a quick illustration of Tag Clouds versus Hierarchical theory. If we were on playing jepordy and the category was “Things that Stink”, you may say; skunks, rotten eggs, sulpher, etc… Each of those are nouns. They are persons, places or things. In this case they are all things. When we think about a skunk certain words come to our minds that describe them, those words are called tags.

If we are talking about skunks those words could be; Black, White Streak, Stink, Be Ware, etc… The important thing to know is all of those words are the Tag Cloud that belongs to a skunk. Our minds operate using Tag Clouds for everything. A cup of coffee has a Tag Cloud; Hot, Brown, Bitter, Smells Good…

Hiearchies are a different animal all togeather (pardon the pun). Using Hiearcies, we could create folders and sub folders. We could create a parent folder called Animals, and several sub folders entitled; Black Animals, Animals That Stink, and White Animals. Now using the example of the Skunk, which folder would we place a skunk in? The problem is a Skunk could be placed into each of the folders.

In my opinion, that is exactly why Hiearchical systems are obsolete. We can’t go through life trying to figure out which folder to place things in. And, we can’t go through life trying to remember the folders where we already put things. If I was trying to find a Skunk I would first go to the “Things that Stink” folder. If I could not find it there, I would go the the “Black Animals” folder, and if it wasn’t there I would then go to the “White Animals” folder. Do you see how time consuming this becomes?

Time Management

Okay, now that you understand the differences between Tag Clouds and Hiearchies, let’s talk about “Time Management” oops I am sorry, I mean “Event Management”.

Event Management

Before I begin, I want to go on record, saying that I am a huge fan of Hyrum Smith (inventor of the Franklin Planner). However, I am not a fan of the 7 Habbits version of Time Management.

With the Seven Habits version of Time Management they recomend that you break everything down into Roles and Big Rocks. They recomend segmenting your life into the various roles that you play. Something like this; Parent, Employee, Spouse, Friend, Child, etc… They also recomend that you should stay below eight roles. Seven is the highest number of roles that you should manage.

So once you have created your roles, then you create your Big Rocks for the week. They call Big Rocks, the important tasks that you should accomplish. There is a really nice drag and drop screen that allows you to create the Big Rocks for each role that you play and then drag the big rocks onot your calendar. I have to say the software is the coolest that I have ever sen in calendar planning.

The problem that I have with the whole process is that it is hiearchical in nature. I don’t have time to sit down and drop Big Rocks under each Role and then Drag them onto my calendar. Just like Hiearchical Theory it is totally obsolete and does not work. Well maybe it works, but not without lot’s of thought and manual tagging.

Event Management with Tag Clouds

The way the we really operate as human beings is the same way our Brains naturally work, and that is with tags. When we think of our Dream, Goals and Tasks we give them tags. Examples are; Dishes, Vaccum, Work, Laundry, Vacation Home, Debt Free, etc..

None of these tags needs to be placed into a hiearchy. They can stand alone all by themselves. In the example above, I have some tags that are Tasks; Dishes, Vacum, and Laundry. Vacation home is a Dream, and Debt Free is a goal. At the end of the day that is exactly how we think. When we sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and we do a brain dump of all the things we want to do, it does not come out in hiearchical order. It comes out in random thoughts with no pattern and no design. It is a brain dump. And that is exaclty how it should stay.

If we learn to operate within the context of our Brain’s it’s amzing how productive we can become. Forget trying to interpet the way we think. The way we think is the natural state of who we are. Let it be! The next time you make a list, don’t change a thing. Number your tags from one to whatever and let it be! The real question is how much time do you have to complete things on your list. My suggestion is try to complete one thing on your list per week. Don’t plan ahead, and don’t multi-task. Pick one thing per week to do and get it done.

By the way I call this list of tags – Passing Fancies…. Most of us have so many things that we could put on our list, and the importance of those things change on a daily basis, because we are human and we are fickel.

My next article will be How to Get things Done – Managing you passing fancies.

money-magnetI was interested in passive income streams and decided to do some research for myself into the top Passive Income Blogs.  If your like me then you are constantly seeing articles that have titles like;

Top 100 Blogs, Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs, Best Small Cities to Live in.

You know the kind of titles that I am talking about.  The question that I have begun to ask myself is what metrics are they using when researching this stuff?  And, do the metrics really matter.  Well, I decided to research the Top 20 Passive Income Blogs.  The metrics that I am using to determine this is very simple…  I went to Google and I typed – “Passive Income“.  Here is the list of Blogs that came up and the order in which Google displayed them.

Now I would not count each of these Blogs as a true Passive Income Blog, but each of them has an article about Passive Income that comes up in a Google Keyword search – when searching on Passive Income.  Here they are:


When I started to write this article I wanted the article to actually track the Top 40 Passive income Blogs, but it was just too much effort to take screen shots of all the sites and then resize them.  It is interesting though – what a different perspective you have of a site when you shrink it down to a thumbnail.  I do have the top 40 list and I may publish the rest at some point but not anytime soon, unless I get tons of comments asking for the data.

In the mean time I would like your feed back on which of these top 10 Passive Income Blogs are your favorite – please take the poll.
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This quick tutorial is 1 minute and 5 seconds long.  It demonstrates how to change a WordPress Theme.  It does not demonstrate how to upload a new theme.  I do have a video that shows how to Upload a WordPress Theme, and how to Install a WordPress theme.  For that movie click here.  In the mean time enjoy How to Change a WordPress Theme.

atlus-shruggedLet me first say that I was turned onto this book in a post I read on The Simple Dollar - "10 Books that changed my life". I think we should all give credit where credit is due, see my post, "Your Blog Philosophy - Do you pay it forward?". I guarantee if you are an entrepreneur or a capitalist - this book will also change your life.

I did not read it – I listened to it on an audio book. The narrator is awesome, and the story is great. My vision of the man I should be has completely changed since I read this book. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy paying my bills. Not only that, it makes you much more conscious of who you are giving your money too. Some things that we give our money too, simply are not worthy. So now when I give money to anyone or anything for either a product or a service, I first ask the question… Do they deserve my money?

I recommend listening to this audio book, and please come back and leave a comment after you have. I would love to hear your thoughts about the book.

Also, if you are going to check this book out of the library, and don’t want to take the time to rip the CD’s to your itunes folder – then drop me a comment on this post. I have already ripped the audio and I will be happy to share it with you.

However, I do require that you send me an email – stating that you have indeed checked it out from the library and that you are only receiving my copy for convienence, and you agree that you will not re-distribute this file to anyone for any reason.